About Us

At Kapow Photo Gifts PHOTO SCULPTURES are our main business, but we also make many other high quality PHOTO GIFTS.  Back in 1991 we invented the process of “sandwiching” your PHOTO between clear acrylic on the front and white acrylic on the back.  This process enhances your PHOTO while protecting the PHOTO from scratches for products, like keychains, that get rough use. Many of our competitors have tried to copy this process and have failed or they say it is not cost effective, but why do ours cost less than theirs?  Our products will last for years to come, and we mean “Years to come”.  We have PHOTO SCULPTURES here that are over 25 years old and they look brand new – No reason they can’t make it to 100 or more years.

It has been over 25 years that we have been producing PHOTO GIFTS for PHOTO LABS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, and commercial concerns like Kodak, Moto Photo, 1 Hour Photo, Ritz Camera, Wolfe Camera, Hollywood, The White House, professional sports teams, and the list goes on.  Now you can order direct from KAPOW PHOTO GIFTS.  Don’t leave your “Precious Memories” to anyone but the best – someone with the experience and know how – You will not be disappointed!